Trim Trees to Avoid Squirrel Issues

If you have ever had a squirrel enter your home, then you know how much trouble they can cause. Once they chew through an entrance into your attic, they will often move in with their whole family and continue their destructive path from there. Though they are extremely hard to remove once they are inside, with some basic common sense it is not so difficult to keep them from coming in in the first place. Here is a quick look at some of the damage that tree squirrels can cause to your home, and how to make sure they are stopped before they can even begin.


Female squirrels give birth to litters twice a year, in the late summer and in the early winter. These are the most likely times of year that they will be looking to find a cozy shelter in the little nooks of your attack. As they are excellent chewers, once a squirrel has made it to your roof it is usually no problem to find a weak wooden point to gnaw through until they can pop inside. Once they have made it in, squirrels will get to work making a nice nest for themselves, starting by collecting bedding. This bedding will likely include insulation from your home, any wood board easy for them to tear at, and anything else they can find and shred.

Further Damage

A squirrel family loves to chew, even on materials that are not bedding. Electrical wires can be gnawed through completely, causing serious damage to your electrical system, and even starting a fire. Their teeth and jaws are also strong enough to break through PVC piping, which can cause water damage and flooding. Basically, once inside, they have the ability to completely destroy a place if not stopped almost immediately.

Keeping Squirrels Out

The easiest and best way to discourage squirrels from entering your home really comes down to common sense. In the wild, they make their homes in trees, like in your backyard. If your trees have limbs that are extending over or near your rooftop, then more of these rodents are going to be naturally spending quite a bit of time right near your attic. This means not just easy access, but almost a natural progression from their usual habitat to your usual habitat. Having a professional tree removal and trimming service come in to evaluate the trees around your house and removing the limbs that put you most at risk can help to eliminate this closeness and thus reduce the likelihood of such an invasion.

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